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Digital Audio Recording


Digital Audio Recording and Creation

Golden Multimedia can provide high quality Digital Audio Recording for various events, or create custom digital soundtracks for a project. Together with our Graphic Design services, we can create a polished CD or supply files for your web page or project (MP3 or WAV).



High Quality Creation and Recording of Professional CD production

  • Background Music and Loops

  • Sound Effects and Ambient Audio

  • Narration

  • Concerts

  • Vocalists

  • Instrumental Soloists

  • Church Services

  • Special Events



Click here for a custom video game soundtrack (retro electronic sound)


Click here for a clip of a live flute and piano performance


Click here for a custom soundtrack (techno sound)


Click here for a clip of vocalist Kala Maxym, singing J.S. Bach's "Agnus Dei"


Click here for a "button press" sound effect


Click here for ambient audio of a brook