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Graphic Design Services

Solid digital photography and graphic design are an integral part of any of our multimedia project (such as websites or kiosks), but we can also provide these services separately for specific needs.


Digital Photography

Capturing the essence and beauty of a subject with digital photography requires a unique mixture of art and technical science. No matter what the subject, we can provide high quality images.


Digital Photography - Click for a larger viewDigital Photography - Click for a larger view









Photo Re-touching

Sometimes it is simply not possible to get a perfect photograph, so the ability to re-touch photos is a valuable service we offer.


For example, this photograph was originally marred by some unavoidable city elements - such as a telephone pole, fire hydrant, newspaper rack, wires, trash cans, street signs, and an overcast day:


Before re-touching - Click for a larger viewAfter re-touching - Click for a larger view







Click either of these pictures to see a larger comparison.



Logo Design

A well-designed logo is essential for branding, and can convey many subtle messages with a single visual representation:



The logo created for Center Church on the Green in New Haven, CT. In addition to the church on a fitting field of green, the grid structure represents the 9 squares of New Haven, with Center Church in the middle of the two flanking churches. The door of the church can also represent a tombstone, which is symbolic for The Crypt that resides under the church.




Logo Design




Printed Materials


Business cards, brochures, bookmarks, posters, mousepads, and other printed materials can all be designed to complement your website, or for other specific needs.


Movie Poster:


"On a Pale Horse" tribute movie poster. Novel by Piers Anthony available at Amazon.com