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"Race to the Lighthouse!" Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk

Yale University - Peabody Museum of Natural History peabody.yale.edu




Exhibit Details

The interactive touchscreen game has a single 22" touchscreen with speakers and subwoofer housed in a mobile kiosk.


The creative process for the design of this game was collaborative - with the Peabody "Evolutions" students providing significant input on the gameplay, as well as general look and feel.


There are twelve questions on various topics related to the Long Island Sound, organized into three categories: Pollution, Food Web, and Organisms. Most of the questions and answers have videos that were produced by the students.


Each question answered correctly gives you points and moves your boat closer to the lighthouse. Any questions answered incorrectly move your boat backwards.


At the end, the winning player travels up the lighthouse stairs and gets to throw the switch to turn the lighthouse on.


A ranking is then given to each player, ranging from "seagrass" for a low score to "shark" for the highest.



Interactive Game Screenshots:

Twelve question bubbles to choose from


Organism 400 question


Organism 400 answer

The winner gets to turn the lighthouse on


Player rankings




Exhibit Photos:


The kiosk


The kiosk