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"Our Dynamic Planet" Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk

Yale University - Peabody Museum of Natural History peabody.yale.edu




Exhibit Details

In what is proving to be a very popular exhibit, this kiosk features a Flash-based program running on an LCD touchscreen, which controls the 24" acrylic "Magic Planet" globe. There are eleven sections of weather and plate tectonic information, which all display vivid animations on the globe (which contains a DLP projector shining up from within the pedestal). Current weather patterns taken from satellites and siesmic activity from around the globe are downloaded from the Internet every three hours. The "Active Volcanoes" section includes a video showing eruptions and lava flows. Two recessed speakers and a subwoofer provide the audio, which includes custom sound effects to go with the interface animations.




Our Dynamic Planet - Main Menu




Oceans and Atmosphere menuPlate Tectonics menu


















Our Dynamic Planet - Active Volcanoes