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Teachers - if you are interested in using the Tesla Time program for a class of students, you can download it for free!

Since there is a lot of video in the program, if more than 10 students attempt to access the program simultaneously over the web, the server will get overloaded and the video will start to get choppy. Downloading the files and putting a copy of the program onto a local server or computer is the best way to deliver to a large audience.





Also, when your students have completed the program, you may choose to print out this certificate and put their name on it (PC: click on it to get a larger version, then *right*-click and choose "Save Target As" or Mac: click it to download the larger printable version):

Click here for the printable Tesla Time Certificate


If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at

Click here to sample Tesla Time's Electrical Adventure (online)
(Requires Flash Player 8 or higher )

Click here to view the final report, showing statistically significant gains in learning and self-efficacy


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