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"Travels in the Great Tree of Life" Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks, morphing video, and Audio/Video installation

Yale University - Peabody Museum of Natural History peabody.yale.edu




Exhibit Details

The interactive touchscreen game has two independant 24" touchscreens housed in a stand-alone kiosk.


Other services for this exhibit included compositing an HD morphing video (see screenshot below), and installation of the Audio/Video equipment (four HD screens, a portable equipment rack, four audio installations, and two computers).





Interactive Game Screenshots:


Tree of Life - Interactive Game


Tree of Life - Interactive Game



Exhibit Photos:

Tree of Life - Interactive Game Kiosk


Tree of Life - Equipment Rack



Morph Video screenshot:

Tree of Life - Morphing Video


This video was composited for Bill Piel and Ali Logan's arachnid morphing animations.