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Professional Video Production and Animation

We have years of experience in shooting high quality video in the studio and in the field. Want dramatic video on your website? Have some treasured home movies that you want on DVD? Want some aerial footage? As a part of a web design or interactive project, we can create the video that really draws people in, or these services are also available separately.


For narrative film projects, please visit 520G Films.




Video Services:HD Video recording and Editing

  • High Definition (HD) video shooting and editing for interviews, b-roll, events, and for interactive components

  • FAA licensed drone pilot (sUAS) for aerial videography and photography.

  • Seamless audio and video editing

  • Video for the web (Quicktime .mov, Windows Media .wmv, or Flash .swf and .flv)

  • Custom interactive DVD menus with animation and music

  • Special Effects (blue/green screen chroma keying, animations, etc.)

  • Custom soundtracks and sound effects

  • Video and audio problem correction

  • Opening and closing credits, speaker titles, graphics, and other additions

  • Educational animations

  • YouTube posting

  • Conversion of home movies (VHS tapes) into DVDs






Click here for a fantasy short film / music video with visual effects and 3D animation.


Click here for a kiosk attractor video.


Click here for a museum kiosk attractor video with animation, motion shots, and interviews.


Click here for a short video and motion graphic project showcasing a car.


Click here for an editing project of Sir David Attenborough. Extra large captions were needed for this to be shown in an auditorium at Yale.


Click here for a live demo video with animated titles about chalk art in New Haven.


Click here for a multi-cam video with basic titles about the future of natural history museums.


Click here for an interview clip with b-roll and lower thirds animation.


Click here for a video-based educational project about the Geology of CT.


Click here to view an intro animation created in After Effects.


Click here for some aerial drone test footage.


Click here for a compilation video of some older art video projects.


Click here to view a video created in After Effects with 3D compositing.


Click here for a VHS tape that was converted to DVD with an interactive menu and titles.