Tesla Time’s Adventures

Time-travel, cats, and electrical circuits.

Can you help find Tesla, Doc’s missing cat, by creating an electrical circuit? This interactive educational web-based program was featured in the article Tesla Time: Igniting Imaginations with Web-Based Instruction (Spring 2010 issue of Teaching for High Potential) and was used in many classrooms across the country.

It was created to teach 5th graders about electrical circuits and magnetism. Players created a functional electrical circuit by collecting the various parts (battery, wires, lightbulb, switch) that were lost in different historical time periods. Thomas Edison and Benjamin Frankin have the missing parts, so you need to talk to them to make the flashlight.

Project included:

  • Interactive programming
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Custom music and sound effects
  • Video production with chroma keying

Gameplay clip:

The ending includes a fun dance sequence from the Doc: